Climbing in Siurana started in the ‘80s with the appearance of the first sport climbing routes. Unlike other areas in the country where sport climbing started from the evolution of traditional climbing, Siurana became the first place in the peninsula to pioneer this modality.

As is well known, the history of Siurana is accompanied by mythical routes that marked an era. This is the case of Dios ni Dor (7c+, FA M. Le Menestrel), Odi Social (first 8c of Siurana by Carles Brascó) or Estado Crítico (first 9a onsight in history by Alex Megos) among many others. However, if there is an emblematic route, that is La Rambla (9a+). This route was equipped in 1993 by Alex Huber, and saw its first ascent with Ramon Julián “Ramonet” in 2004. The send of La Rambla placed Siurana as a reference of the world difficulty and the internationalization of the school.

Currently, Siurana has become one of the epicenters of sport climbing. Climbers from all over the world come to know the school attracted by its more than 1,500 routes of all grades, its rock, the variability of styles, and its environment. All this makes Siurana a unique place for sport climbing lovers.